CEC car parking -Snow Hill Nantwich - parking charges recommenced on 15th June 2020 (1)

Councillors across Crewe and Nantwich today urged residents to take part in a Cheshire East Council public consultation on plans to revamp car parking provision and parking charges.

Authority chiefs say results will influence plans on changes to parking provision and charges as well as “inform the future direction of how to improve transport, walking and cycling in our towns”.

The car parking consultation looks at role of parking in accessing town centres, level of parking charges in Cheshire East and scope for harmonisation, on-street parking restrictions, and improving parking services.

The local transport plan consultations are based around accessibility, sustainability, quality of the public realm, better neighbourhoods and connectivity.

Labour and Independent Councillors in Crewe and Nantwich hope it could see a fairer parking strategy across the borough.

Crewe has the highest car parking charges across Cheshire East at 80p per hour and Nantwich 70p, while in other towns like Sandbach and Alsager is is free to use council-run car parks.

Arthur Moran -New Homes Bonus
Cllr Arthur Moran

Cllr Arthur Moran, of Nantwich North, said: “As far as Nantwich is concerned, I urge all members of the public to respond to the consultation people.

“In Nantwich, we have to pay car park charges to visit the doctor, library and Civic Hall with charges on the Civic Hall car park we an element of free car parking.

“My view has always been if Nantwich pays then everyone should pay!”

Cllr Suzanne Brookfield, who represents Crewe East, said: “With the joint Labour and Independent administration, we can change things for the better.

“We need residents to get involved with the consultation at every stage and make their voices heard.”

Cllr Anthony Critchley, Crewe Central said: “We are always asked by residents ‘why should the people in the towns of Crewe, Nantwich and Macclesfield subsidise other areas when it comes to car parking?’ just look on social media, it’s not a faux outrage.

“Some of lowest paid workers in our town, in retail staff, are out of pocket for just going to work every day.

“The average household income in Alderley Edge is £52,300. In my ward, it is £20,500.

“Yet you will pay 80p to park in Crewe for the first hour, 50p for the same period in Alderley Edge. That’s without even thinking about the free car parks in Alsager and Sandbach.

“This pricing is illogical, unfair and needs to change. Crewe residents can really play their part, get involved with the consultation and ask Cheshire East for a fairer system.”

Cllr Craig Browne, deputy leader of Cheshire East Council, said: “This consultation is an opportunity for us to work together and get the right blend of local transport provision in the right places.

“Alongside these plans, we are also developing town centre vitality plans for our key service centres, helping us to better understand and respond to local needs.

“We must also consider the potential longer-term impacts of Covid-19.

“This may include using our spaces differently to enable social distancing, more reliance on active travel and public transport, as well as increased home working.”

Cllr Laura Crane, Cheshire East Council cabinet members for highways and waste, said: “The local transport plan sets out a need for greater harmonisation of parking arrangements across Cheshire East, during the period 2020 to 2025.

“The parking consultation, alongside the development of town vitality plans, will engage many stakeholders to ensure we have a broad strategy moving forward, taking into account the economic, environmental and community elements that car parking brings.”

To find our more and take part in the consultations visit the council’s web page at: www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/LocalTransportEngagement


  1. Tried to fill in survey , site keeps crashing

  2. Graham Fenton says:

    CEC own or lease land. They need a return on their/our investment. Car parks need investment tarmac, concrete, lighting, landscaping and maintenence & of course Parking Wardens to monitor. This is the same throughout Cheshire East. Should car parking rates be the same all over Cheshire East? I would say ‘Yes’ in general but what about the free car parks provided by CEC should this continue? Should we charge 80p an hour in Haslington? – which clearly is not a town centre with a car park that needs managing. But what about some Town Centres in the old Congleton borough who have free car parks that do need managing? What is the point of charging (unless a minimal charge to cover maintenence) in the evening or Sunday if the car parks do not need managing? CEC needs to make sure car parking is not a Cash Cow – because they need the money, but they certainly need to manage the turnover of cars in popular car parks and have a fair policy throughout Cheshire East.
    As for on-street car parking I would avoid, but I am happy for some residents only parking zones and signage to stop all day car parking in certain areas with no parking for half an hour in the morning and afternoon except for residents. But everything that needs managing has a cost.

  3. Parking in nantwich should be free

    • …and thats just encouraging more people to drive. And the logic in that argument is…?
      What is needed is a joined up up approach for Nantwich travel that includes public transport, improved cycle infrastructure and better walking routes to encourage less car use, not more.

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