double decker bus stuck as van parks on double yellows

Nantwich Town councillors have called for more police action against inconsiderate and dangerous parking in the town centre.

The issue was raised by councillors at a town council meeting last night (February 10).

It comes after Nantwich News highlighted how a white van parked on double yellows on Swine Market blocked the path of the busy C84 bus into the town last weekend.

The Arriva driver had to walk in to several surrounding shops to find the van driver, who it has emerged was seen coming out of B&M store with goods.

Cllr Arthur Moran said: “This white van reportedly had a blue badge and ladders on its roof!

“I walked down there earlier and there were cars parked from that bend by the nail bar all the way up to Home and Bargain.

“They were also parked on the other side, including in the bus stop, which meant people had to get on the bus in the middle of the road.

“We should ask the police to police this more and have words with some of these people parking along these busy roads and junctions.”

Mayor Cllr Stuart Bostock said ‘red lines’ should be considered along Swine Market and Oat Market.

Double red lines on a road mean no stopping, waiting or parking is permitted by any vehicles at any time, with accompanying signs confirming this.

A single red line means no vehicle can stop at any time during the hours of the route’s operation, which would be displayed on roadside signage.

Cllr Carole Thomas added: “The same problems exist on Market Street at the top end. Sometimes people park and there is no way an emergency vehicle would get through.”

Nantwich Police were not in attendance at last night’s council meeting.

But a spokesperson said today: “Local officers are aware from reports on social media of the recent incident which occurred at the Swinemarket on Saturday 5th February, although this wasn’t reported to Cheshire Police.

“It is clearly unacceptable for any vehicle to be parked causing an unnecessary obstruction whether that be a vehicle displaying a blue badge or not.

“At this location it causes particular inconvenience to larger vehicles and regular patrols are conducted by both Police and civil enforcement officers.

“Given this recent incident, increased patrols will be carried out throughout the town and where offences are sighted the necessary enforcement action will be taken.

“Should such an obstruction be sighted by members of the public we would ask that they report this to the Police so that action can be taken to ensure swift removal of offending vehicles.”

A spokesperson for Arriva Buses said: “Arriva encourages local authorities to deal with anti-social parking and to ensure, wherever possible, so that those who cause obstructions are properly dealt with.

“It is sobering thought that, if a bus cannot get through, neither can fire engines or other larger vehicles operated by the emergency services.

“We, therefore, encourage people to think about how much space they leave when they park up, even for deliveries.”


  1. Alistair Raisbeck says:

    Will be even worse when Millstone Lane is closed from 21st Feb!

  2. Maybe, as it is a parking problem, the council (Chshire East) might like to deeploy their parking enforcement officers to this area on a regular basis. After all, ‘parrking’ is their job.

  3. Red lines plus traffic enforcement that don’t turn nlind eyes or lack of interest.

  4. Helen Biddle says:

    It would be interesting if the Blue Badge was genuine. It seems suspicious a van driver with ladders on the roof would need one. I know there are invisible disabilities, I accept that but it would be sad if a non eligible pass holder causes the restrictions to be altered and thereby making it difficult for genuine Blue Badge holders.

  5. About time, it’s a disgrace. Nantwich Police need to get their fingers out and start doing what they’re paid for aka policing the town

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