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Nantwich councillors are still not clear what they can spend £750,000 of Section 106 money on in the town – two and half years after receiving the funds.

The money comes from the planning conditions imposed on developers building the Kingsbourne housing development.

The funds were released back in September 2021 once a certain number of new houses were built, and planning documents said the money was to be spent on improving the “public realm” of the town.

Cheshire East Council asked the town council to come up with a plan on how to spend the funds.

But town councillors now say they are receiving confusing messages from Cheshire East on how the money can be spent.

In November, town councillors earmarked improvements to Snow Hill area, improved signage from the station to the town, an adventure play area at Brookfield Park, and a study into whether Pillory Street and Hospital Street could be pedestrianised.

But now it has emerged that Cheshire East have “found” another report which sheds light on what the money can be used for.

And it emerged at Thursday’s town council meeting that CEC wish £250,000 of the money to be spend creating more parking spaces on Snow Hill, and the remaining on “public realm projects between the application site (Kingsbourne) and the town centre”.

This would rule out the Brookfield Park idea and any study on pedestrianisation.

At Thursday’s meeting, Cllr Peter Groves called for Brookfield Park improvements, adding: “There is no play area on Kingsbourne, so parents are having to drive to Brookfield Park or elsewhere so their kids can play.”

He was backed by Cllr Geoff Smith who added: “There’s a real opportunity for developing this area, it’s fairly central, close to the station and there is parking around there.”

Cllr John Priest questioned Cheshire East’s update, saying: “They are saying it’s not in town centre boundary, but the park is in Nantwich Town Council boundary so it should not be excluded.”

Cllr Stuart Bostock added: “I thought we had £750,000 to use, now it seems Cheshire East are pirating some away for parking.”

Cllr Groves continued: “We need clarification from Cheshire East on how they have identified £250,000 for parking at Snow Hill, and how it’s going to be used.”

Cllr Caroline Kirkham also called on potential improvements to other gateways into the town, such as Welsh Row.


  1. The commercial properties which include the former B and M , Boots are in desperate need . That side of the Swine Market is looking run down at best. Money spent should go to improving the infrastructure in Nantwich, not silly projects that brings no benefit.
    Nantwich needs to attract more visitors who will spend their money within the town on a daily basis. Increasing the number of visitors would be positive.
    Food Festivals and such projects brings in money, how much actually benefits Nantwich and its residents appears very debateable.
    We need to see greater footfall on a daily basis, we need to see more of the empty shop units being occupied. Just add up how many empty retail unit there are in the town. I counted at least 7 in Pepper Street a few weeks ago. it may have changed.
    Thank goodness for Webb House in Pepper Street. There presence has had a very positive impact on the perception of Pepper Street. I hope they do very well. There is need to make the town centre more attractive. Retail is a very tough environment. If the Town Centre is to develop and prosper we need to attract people to spend their money within Nantwich.
    Some of unique retailers do that. Lets celebrate the benefits they bring to the Town.
    Improve the infrastructure of the town centre. Ensure the Town it is well maintained.
    The buildings in Nantwich and its history are fundamental to its attraction and future commercial success.
    The availability and cost of parking are also critical factors.
    Lets hope The Town Council will evidence some vision in their decision making.
    We live in Hope.
    Make Nantwich one of the most popular towns in the Country to live in.
    Perhaps we should replace the Town Council with Andy Street the former Chief Executive of John Lewis and Mayor in Midlands. He has a vision .
    and makes things happen for the the better.

  2. Proud to live in Nantwich says:

    …. Section 106 is a contribution directly from the Developers to enhance the infrastructure and to cope with the influx of the local population. I have lived in the town centre for 25 years and the flooding each year is progressively getting worse. It is clearly visible that the surface water coming off the new estates runs into the river weaver – why have the developers not considered “SUDS” (sustainable urban drainage scheme) in their overall plans? Is there any contribution going towards the local GP surgeries? Road congestion before 10.30am and after 3.00pm along Waterlode is increasing by the week? Swinemarket commercial area frontage (old B&M store) seriously needs a revamp. £750,000 is a rather sizeable amount to spend? Come on CEC ! Rant over……

  3. How about you fix the sorry state of all the roads in the area.

  4. Cheshire East Planning are an absolute joke. They failed to enforce, despite us spoon feeding them the faults on our development, made concessions for the builder by essentially allowing them to forego some of their conditions, seemingly following no formal process, and then the builders went bump, leaving us with a right mess to sort. We’ve complained to the local govt ombudsman who have agreed to investigate.

    You absolutely cannot make up the sheer incompetence of these inept morons. I’ve never known anything like it, the worst local authority I’ve ever known, having lived in Manchester, Liverpool, Conwy, Salford and Tameside council areas.

  5. How about tidying up the mess along water lode between river and road. Path barricaded off, bank overgrown. Looks like it hasnt been cared for in years.

    Employ a streetcleaner to litter pick. Hire a roadsweeper for a few days seeing as CEC only seem to have one and it never leaves Macclesfield

  6. Money should not be used to correct the wrongs of CE incomplete over planning decisions and or to benefit a small area of Nantwich. It should be used to help a wider community for example making more effective use of the library, working collaboratively with agencies that benefit most in need .

  7. Chris Moorhouse says:

    Good trick to have some of the funds to increase car parking provision if the income generated goes to CEC. The article also shows the confusion within CEC with finding another report. You can’t make it up but CEC can!.

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