Weaver House rubbish mounds in Nantwich

This is the view some angry residents in Nantwich have had after weeks of not having rubbish collected.

Residents of Weaver House and Wheelock House, on Barony Road, say the piles of rotten garbage are now attracting rats and magpies and causing a horrendous stink.

They say they have been in contact with Cheshire East Council and property management companies, but still no collection after more than two weeks.

Some residents say they are paying up to £3,000 a year in management charges to have bins collected as well as windows cleaned, gardens tended to and other maintenance.

But these are the images Simon Ashley currently looks out on from his apartment window in Wheelock House, which is owned by Guinness Housing.

piles of rubbish outside nantwich apartment blockSimon, who was on the first residents to live there, said: “I’ve contacted Guinness Housing who own some of the apartment in Wheelock House as well as contacting the council.

“But as you can see, nothing has been done!

“It’s now beginning to smell and magpies and crows are now feeding from there and I’ve also seen rats.

“Guinness have supposedly been in contact with the company who manage the building.

“The bins were emptied I think probably about two weeks ago as far as I know by Ansa.

“I’ve been in contact with Guinness and was told they have contacted the building management company but nothing as yet has been done.

“My main concern is that the bin company will refuse to do anything as it’s getting so bad.

“One of the problems is there should be two bin store areas, but one was built where bin lorries can’t access it!

“I can’t open my patio doors or my bedroom window as it is directly above the bins due to the smell and yesterday I actually saw rats in the bin shed, something I’ve not seen in my time here.”

Weaver House resident Patrick McKnight and his wife bought their apartment on leasehold and retired there.

He said the management company, called First Port, had failed to organise for Cheshire East to empty the bins.

He added: “We own our apartment and pay substantial management charges each year to a company First Port which is completely failing.

“Cheshire East should be emptying the bins, but they failed to turn up on Bank Holiday Monday and have not been back.

“First Port are simply not providing the services we pay for. There was a bin store and recycling store, but it turns out they can’t get lorries down to the recycling store so everything is going in the bin store!

“It’s not capable of holding more than a week’s rubbish.

“Whenever there’s a Bank Holiday, Cheshire East just simply do not turn up! I’ve resorted to ferrying my bags of rubbish to Pyms Lane.”

A spokesperson for the property management company said: “A collection is scheduled for today (7th June), to remove all refuse from the development. We understand the problems that can be caused by a build-up of uncollected refuse, and we will work alongside the local authority to understand and resolve this matter.”

Weaver House and Wheelock House in Nantwich
Weaver House and Wheelock House in Nantwich – Google Street View


  1. This seems to be common in Nantwich, my bins are frequently getting missed. Always told they will come back for them and they never do! Sort it out Cheshire east, I pay my tax!!

  2. L Turner says:

    the management company there are a disgrace, need to speak to your MP £3k a year is outrageous

  3. I’m shocked about this. I live in Cheshire East and the bin collections are usually on the correct dates. We always have collections on Bank Holidays as well.

  4. It’s not only these properties that have not had their bins empty we on Millstone Lane that put their bins in Turner Street regularly have their bins forgotten and have to wait for the next two weeks for them to be emptied It’s never in the 5 working days. Last time they even left the extra bags we were told they would take. Do you think we should get a refund for the council for the poor service.

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