CEC car park -Snow Hill Nantwich - parking charges recommenced on 15th June 2020 (1)

Dear Editor,

I wonder if it has occurred to the Leader of Cheshire East Council, Cllr Sam Corcoran, and his Labour/Independent Cabinet that they have suddenly become responsible for taking the independence away from some of our borough’s older residents.

In general conversation today I was speaking with a lady in her 80s, she lives out in the Cheshire countryside and is not on a bus route.

She would normally drive herself into either Crewe or Nantwich to do her shopping, get her hair done, visit the bank, go to the market and do routine things associated with everyday life.

Since lockdown has eased a little she has begun to return to shopping duties.

But because of her apprehension about using her cash card in the parking machines and not having a phone that will download RingGo, she has been restricted to using supermarkets with their own car parks.

This lady is booked in to her hairdresser for a long-awaited perm but, Cllr Corcoran, because of her difficulty with the Cheshire East cashless system in operation with the car parking machines she is having to ask for a lift into Crewe to keep this appointment.

No great shakes you might say, Cllr Corcoran, but it goes against the grain when she would normally take herself into our local towns.

After a considerable number of weeks now this ridiculous situation with our Cheshire East car parks is still rolling on, residents are still very disgruntled about it.

I fear the reputation of Cheshire East is being severely damaged by this one single thoughtless act.

Does he really want to be blamed for taking away the independence of some of our older residents?

Cash payments for car parks needs reintroducing immediately.

Cllr Corcoran you are leading this council, please see to it.


Margaret Simon
Cheshire East Councillor for Wistaston Ward


  1. Nick Copeland says:

    Totally agree with Margaret Simon. The council are having to manage a very difficult situation but free parking in Nantwich is a must if the town is to remain viable.

  2. Ken Shenton says:

    Cheshire East Council only has a very tarnished reputation . Sam Corcoran is only interested in leading a council that has green credentials and would probably tell the lady to get ‘ on her bike’! CEC is a disaster zone and needs to be dismantled clown by clown. They have a Bentley as a Mayoral car , perhaps they could send that round for her.

  3. Antony Froehlick says:

    The sad fact is that shoppers love to use there car when going shopping, far more convenient than public transport, but they DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR PARKING, so aney excuse to get parking charges scrapped will be used to it’s full.

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