Connor Naismith - Labour councillor and MP candidate

The Government is “giving up” on Crewe and Nantwich rather than “levelling up”, claims the constituency’s Labour candidate.

Connor Naismith hit out after the recipients of Round 3 of the Levelling Up Fund was unveiled – with Cheshire East Council’s bids missing out.

But Tory MP Dr Kieran Mullan said he is focused on other funding, blaming the shelving of HS2 for the reason the towns did not secure Levelling Up money this time around.

CEC submitted two bids for Crewe in Round 2 of Levelling Up bids, to deliver the Nantwich Road Bridge Enhancement scheme and improved cycling and pedestrian access to Crewe station.

However, these bids were seemingly overlooked in the final round of announcements this week.

Mr Naismith said: “There is a clear pattern emerging here of a government that is not levelling up, but giving up, on Crewe and Nantwich.

“The scrapping of HS2, last year’s catastrophic mini budget, and the ongoing cost of living crisis has seen Crewe lose a once in a generation opportunity to level up and compete.

“These reckless decisions made in Westminster are being paid for by the people who live and work in our towns and villages.

“All the while, time and time again we are overlooked for public money while it is doled out to affluent areas including the Prime Minister’s own constituency.”

“Enough is enough. It’s time for this government to be swept aside to make way for a Labour government that can give Britain it’s future back.”

But Dr Mullan hit back, saying: “Our bid for the Levelling Up Fund was based around the need to change transport around the station to support it becoming a HS2 Hub.

“As this isn’t happening, we weren’t in a position to lobby for that bid to be funded.

“But I am focused on securing other funding.”

He says Secretary of State for Transport Mark Harper has committed to “extensive work” by the Government including future funding to support Crewe and Cheshire East following the announcement HS2 will not progress past Birmingham.

In a letter, he says further funding will be made available, including through Local Integrated Transport Settlements due to be announced.

no confidence - Dr Kieran Mullan Crewe & Nantwich MP
Dr Kieran Mullan

Mr Mullan added: “The decision on HS2 was not the one I wanted.

“I understand why people will be sceptical about pledges from Government right now.

“But it is my job to try and make the most of any and every opportunity and so I have been raising the need for support and funding for Crewe in light of the decision.

“I have been able to raise with the Prime Minister, Chancellor and the Secretary’s of State for Transport and Levelling Up.

“Getting this formal commitment is the first step and I am now focused on securing funding to support it.

“This is something I will work with Cheshire East on and they have been able to put forward the funding figures we can use as a basis for negotiation with Government.

“It is important to remember, whatever happens, positive change is coming for Crewe.

“We have the £22.9 million Town Deal Fund that will deliver the regeneration of Flag Lane Baths, a new Youth Zone, improvements to our pocket parks and more.

“We have £5 million of funding for an Institute of Technology at Cheshire College. We have £14 million Future High Streets fund as well.

“The decision on HS2 was disappointing, but let’s not lose sight of the positives we still have.”


  1. Considering the Tragic State of our Crewe Town Centre so sickeningly mis-managed/degraded by dominantly Labour Council for decades would ‘U’ as ‘Current Govt PM’ write a blank cheque for the numbskulls to fritter away even more Public Funds So appallingly ?… REALLY ???

  2. It’s the current government who decides which area receives what money. It beggars belief that the north of England is again being penalised. My point is the current Tory MP should been ensuring his party allocates sufficient funds that help our area rebuild but has failed. I do agree that the council is incompetent

  3. Is it any wonder Crewe is missing out on a slice of Levelling Up Fund when clearly the Idiots running the show can’t be trusted to spend it wisely after flushing £11M down the pan for a Multi Storey Carpark Abomination absolutely not needed and not wanted by anybody with half a brain ???….

  4. Now if only we had a Conservative MP who represents the area we would be fine !!

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